Posting Transcripts for ECA

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

It generally takes a while. We tend to be really impatient for our ECA report. “WES takes time. So be patient.”


1. How should I send two degrees' documents to WES?

▶Transcripts of both degrees will be sent through respective Universities and degrees whether provisional or final has to be posted by candidate himself to WES.

2. Should I put the transcript in another envelope and mention the "From" address as "university (name)" to confirm that it has been sent from the respective University?

▶No, don't put transcript envelope in any other envelope for posting it to WES. Your transcript has to be authentic and sending it the way you receive from university is the best way to prove so. Just post the sealed envelope from University's post office. Write only the Mailing address e.g. WES CANADA Address with reference number. No document will be accepted to WES without your reference no.

3. I already took the transcripts from university without submitting the WES academic form. Should I get the transcripts made again by submitting the form or just post the transcript without the form?

▶ This form is required only for University record purpose. If they haven't asked you for it, that's fine. The transcript Envelope alone has to be posted. Nothing else with it. The WES form is for University.

Links about post inquiries :

➠Some important info.: 1. Current Indian Speed post charges (Tracking) of an envelope of Transcript /Degress (rates are subject to change) : 1392 INR per speed post So two degrees means: Transcript from same University or different (sent directly from University's Post office: INR (1392*2) Degree certificates in one envelope, sent by applicant: INR 1392

*Tracking is available in Registered Post as well but speed post package reaches fast. * Standard post costs less but that will take a lot of time to reach. *Rates are subject to change, so kindly check below mentioned links for confirmation. - ➠Important links: 1. To calculate postage (India Post): 2. International (Premium/ EMS) Speed Post tariff: Check under Tariff (excl. GST) tab on this link-…/… or see this pdf:… 3. Charges for Standard International Post : Check tariff tab-…/Co…/International-Letter.aspx

- ➠ECA providing organisations (for license) : 1. For Assessmentfor specialist and family physicians: Medical Council of Canada…/reposit…/educational-credential-assessment/

2. Assessment for Pharmacists : The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

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I have shared a simple way to comply with WES New rule effective from December 1, 2018 in the end of this answer.

As per new rule of WES, Transcripts need to be sent directly by University but if they charge too much then there is a way .. get the transcripts in hand (collect it from University) and later post it from their post office in the campus, if available. Most universities have a post office in their campus.

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