Medical exam for Canada Immigration

I would like to share my medical exam experience for Canada Immigration.

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Year of Medical exam: 2019

Place of medical exam: Max Med Centre, New Delhi.

Tests conducted:

1. Radiology

2. Sample collection

3. Vitals

4. Doctor (physician) Consultation

First of all, as soon as you get your ITA , apply for PCC and also schedule your medical exam.

All the approved doctors have been listed on cic website as per your region or country.

Remember: Medical exam for Express entry is done only after you get an ITA.

While booking your appointment, few personal details (e.g. age) are asked and payment terms are explained as to acceptance of cash or card. I paid the fees on the day of exam itself not before that.

On the day of Medical exam, I reached before my appointment time. It is advisable to reach 30–40 mins early in order to get done with initial documentation process. I was asked to wait for few minutes after which I went to reception to submit my docs and pay the fees.

Documents required to be carried on exam day:

  • At least 2 Passport photocopies (First and last pages)

  • Carry original as well, in case you are asked.

  • Passport size photos

  • Carry atleast 2 copies of Letter from Canada govt.- Invitation to apply(ITA)

  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them. (I wear glasses, so I carried them.)

  • Any medical reports that you have for any medical condition and a list of your current medications. (This wasn't applicable in my case. So, I can't tell a lot about this.)

After fees payment, I was given the receipt, an immigration track sheet (sheet with medical exam details/ remarks). I was later asked to go to a room where a picture was clicked for e-medical form. There also I had to show my original passport for verification.

(Just saying😁, I was looking so dull in the picture so, look fresh for your exam😂)

The officer then took a printout of a form where I had to sign and write date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Mentioning the format specifically because at first, I made a mistake and wrote dd/mm/yyyy format. Take half a minute to check all details on that form.

Afterwards, I headed towards examination area. First, I was examined by a physician. Questions about previous medical history like jaundice, surgery etc., enquiring about tattoos, if any. Everything went well smoothly and then I went for Radiology .

Ohh.. I forgot to mention that before even these exams begin , we are asked to change our dress and wear a gown and sleepers, provided by them.

There were lockers to keep one's clothes and shoes. Even if, there aren't any lockers, your belongings will be safe. Still it's better to carry a backpack to stuff in all your belongings.

Radiology: When I went in the room, I was asked to stand closely infront of a screen which is used for getting images to diagnose diseases - in short an X-ray was done.

Next exam was for Vitals: This test includes details regarding weight, height measurements, blood pressure, eye exam, urine dipstick (urine sample is collected) and LMP details(last menstruation date/period) for female candidates.

Last, was the Sample collection step where the blood sample is collected.

So, now the report will be updated to the IRCC account for CANADA VISA application and the e-medical form (acknowledgement slip) is given back to upload from our side as proof of medical exam.

Also, if a person wishes to see the results then they can collect the report in-person by asking the hospital to issue a report for them. Good luck! You are one step closer to your dream.


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