Managing finances before and after moving Abroad

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Planning to leave one’s country and home is not an easy decision.One has to plan a lot before leaving all assets created in one’s country and then moving to another country.

It’s a planned process that includes:

  1. Thinking about selling assets before moving

  2. Managing bank accounts

  3. Thinking about how rental or other continuing income will get transferred to bank accounts after moving to another country.

With an increasing number of Indians moving abroad for jobs or for higher studies, there arises a situation where proper knowledge about Indian Taxation and banking services is required.

A person who was resident in India and had a bank account moved outside let’s say to Canada…. What should he/she do?

To answer some of these concerns, I started a series- NRI Taxation for my viewers and this video is just the beginning. Hope you would enjoy it!

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