How to get transcripts from any University?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

My suggestion is to directly call your University admin office. Check “ contact us” section on their website, if available.

Ask them the procedure to directly send to WES and also ask what's the cost of getting the transcripts in hand (i.e if you don't send directly through them).

The procedure usually involves :

✦Filling a University transcript request form with details regarding your personal information, purpose of transcript(PR/STUDY) , courses you did, your signature, date etc. ✦Attaching a Payment receipt of fees applicable for this request

✦ Providing photocopies of degree of the course and also of marksheets.

The processing time for your transcript request can vary from 15 to 25 days depending on your University.

Additionally your University might ask you to provide WES Academic form where Part A is filled by you and Part B is to be signed and stamped by your college Administrator. Not all colleges/universities may need this.

Rest, you can confirm with your respective University.

As per new rule of WES, Transcripts need to be sent directly by University but if they charge too much then there is a way .. get the transcripts in hand (collect it from University yourself) and later post it from their post office in the campus, if available. Most universities have a post office in their campus.

Post charges are as Indian postal charges applicable.Go for speed post or registered post.

When you post like this ,it is deemed that sender is University itself. You can confirm that after checking the speed post receipt for sender's address.

Tip: never post by putting the transcript Envelope given by University in another envelope. It is a clear case of altering with University's transcript and WES will definitely think that it wasn't sent by University directly.

Hope it helps!

All the best.

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