How do I get transcripts from Delhi university?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Getting a transcript from Delhi University

If you are planning to move abroad or applying for higher education, you need transcripts for WES Education credential evaluation. In this playlist, there are videos that may help you in getting the transcripts from 🎓 Delhi University.

All the students who studied from North Campus Colleges and from SOL, need to get transcripts from North Campus itself. I believe, the procedure is the same.

“ If you are applying for transcripts from South campus, Delhi University, here are your steps:

1. Before going to university for a transcript request, pay fees online by creating Login ID on For new user (student) registration on the portal, you need enrollment number which is there on your degree issued by University/Provisional degree given by college. Once you create an account, click make payment. Choose the option “Official Transcripts of Marks” and pay according to the no. of copies required. If you want more than one than it can be obtained by adding Rs.100 to the original Rs.1000 fees for one transcript. *Check the payment applicable to you from here:

2. After paying for transcripts, take out two printouts of the payment receipt. One copy is to be submitted to the University at the counter Window and the other one is required for getting acknowledgement receipt from the Officer . Don’t worry if you forget to get an additional copy of your payment receipt. There is a photocopy shop in the South Campus itself.

3. Once you pay the fees, you can go to submit your documents, the next day or any time sooner you wish to go.

4. Documents you need to carry:

a. A Filled University transcript form.

Alternate download link (google drive):

For point 6 in the form, I prefer to attach an annexure. Prepare one as per your course in excel sheet, writing the paper code and paper name and take a printout. Points 8 to 10 , are case specific.

b. A Filled WES Academic records form. . Part A needs to be filled by applicant and Part B will be filled, signed and stamped by your respective college’s Administrator (Authorized Official). They are generally aware of the whole requirement and so there is no need for much explanation.

c.Your mark-sheet (photocopy/printout) in which all your semesters’ or years’ result is clearly mentioned. (Required as per Point 5 of University application form). No attestation required for your mark-sheet which you must have downloaded from the results site. Also, there is no requirement for submitting a photocopy of degree.

d. Syllabus of your course or Annexure for point 6. I attached an annexure for my course like this:

e. Payment receipt, as explained before. f. Gather all the 5 document requirements and give it to the officer in the exam wing, Window 7. (When you enter the University the guard will tell you the way.)

5. After submitting, the officer will take a few minutes to check and give you acknowledgement on your payment receipt. You can come to collect after 10–15 days. My personal case-Submission date: Dec 6, Went to collect on Dec 27 and posted to WES the same day.

6. The transcript envelope you receive is a white envelope with space available for Receiver. Once you are handed over the transcript envelope, you have to post it from the University Post office just down the stairs, on your left. Write the mailing address and pay Rs. 1392/- for your post. It generally reaches within a week. Click a picture of the envelope after the officer pastes the sticker as tracking ID on the receipt of the speed post isn’t clearly visible.

“ WES reference Number will be generated
  • Once you pay the evaluation fees of 200 CAD or 285 CAD as applicable. or

  • you click on the option of paying through Western Union. Pay within 2 days of quote generation industry.

If you are applying to WES Canada then the mailing address is:

WES Reference No. ………… World Education Services Attention: Documentation Center 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 Canada

Now, the most Important Note:w.e.f 1st December 2018, WES now only accepts transcripts sent directly from the University for evaluation. So, if you have already applied, make it a point to go back to University and post from their post office.

Hope this answer helped. Let me know if there are any other queries relating to transcripts.

The whole process went smoothly but it took slightly more time than expected.

I have come out with a video on “How to get Transcripts from DU”. I hope it helps somebody.

On successful completion of the credential assessment, I got my WES Report soft copy on February 26 and hard copy on March 1.

(There was a slight delay in my case because I had my Masters's degree to be sent from another University and I was also busy with my IELTS in January.)

Please don't send transcripts from anywhere else like posting from your nearest post office instead of University post office. Every University has its post office, so send it from there. You will be paying for the post charges obviously but the sender will be deemed as the respective “University”.

----> Watch this video : (If you find any trouble in hearing then there is another video without the voiceover) All the best! Keep supporting.

For further help: message Notsoworkholic

Also check my answers on Quora:

Good luck!

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