How to get the transcripts from Kurukshetra University?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

If this question is troubling you, then you have found the right place for your answers.

I would like to share my experience in the hope of getting your questions answered.

I applied for the transcripts in Kurukshetra University for my PR Application on 21st November, 20xx and received them on 21st December,20xx by post at home address. I posted the transcript to WES by going back to the university and sending from “their post office”. On the speed post receipt I got, it’s clearly mentioned that KUK (Kurukshetra University) has send it.

Getting transcripts first posted to my home address and then posting (speed post unlike the ordinary post which University will do) to WES from Kurukshetra University Post office was the right decision.

Hope my experience will help somebody.

Few things which you should get ready with, before going to Kurukshetra University for applying for transcripts and submitting form.

  1. Get the printout of transcript application form:(…) Fill in the details. Apart from point 10 on page 1, you can easily fill the rest. For your registration no. , see top right side of your marksheet. In point no.5 , write only about the final year of each course you did, Roll no. of which is on your final year marksheet as well as your degree (top right corner).

Carry 1 set of photocopies of your marksheets (all years/semesters) and your degree if you want one transcript.

Multiply this number(no. of photocopies) for the no. of transcripts required. e.g. if you want 4 transcripts , carry four sets of photocopies.

*Backside of your marksheet also needs to be photocopied and that too on the back of your front page photocopy (not on a separate page) i.e. both sides of marksheets need to be photocopied on one page- back and front.

My advice is to always carry one or two extra sets so that in case any of your photocopy isn’t proper, you give another one.

*Don’t worry even if you don’t want to carry, there is a photocopy shop in the campus, in case you miss on something.

Remember to not to self attest any photocopy.

  • Carry one photocopy of ID (driving license or aadhaar card). This has to be self attested. I took my original certificates with me but they didn’t ask for it. So, it’s your choice.

✪Now, the next steps of process will be at the University. Once you reach there, ask guard or any student for the examination wing. They will guide you.

For transcripts, you need to go to Examination wing-2, room no. 100, which is on the third floor of that building.

→I got there only to find out that I first need to the pay the fees in administration wing online via ATM Card or in the campus OBC bank and get the form attested by superintendent.

So, if you’re aware of the fees that you need to pay, it’s better to pay first , get a receipt , get the form attested and after that go for form submission in Room no. 100.

In case you

For payment of fees, it’s advisable to pay in Admin. wing instead of OBC bank in campus. Long queues will unnecessarily delay the process.

→For attestation, you will find a superintendent in the administration block (same block where you paid fees online through ATM Card). If the superintendent is not on leave you will easily find one on the first floor itself. In my case , I had to go to third floor to find a superintendent who could attest my form. His signature/ seal is required on page 2 of your transcript application form.

In this whole process, beware of lunch timings.For the officers who process online fees, lunch is at 1pm. For exam wing people, it was mentioned 1.30 P.M to 2 P.M. But when I went, this officer took break at 1.15 P.M and came back at 2.10 pm.

About the fees, it’s Rs. 200 per document+ postal charges (I personally found it expensive for additional transcripts).

  • So , if you did a 3year degree then you need to pay Rs. 200*4 + postal charges (50/200) for your one transcript, meaning thereby if you’re getting it posted to your home address then it will cost Rs. 850 per transcript.I did a two years Masters degree so I had two marksheets and one degree for transcript, totaling to Rs. 650 per transcript.

✪This payment receipt is to be pasted on second page of form . Pasted not stapled.(You can find glue easily near Room no. 100)

You also need to sign the form. It’s written in the form that you need to sign in front of the officer but it’s not mandatory.

Now your work is almost done , go to Room no. 100 exam wing 2 for submission. The officer will check your form and give you a serial no. for tracking the document. Note it down fast .

In my case , he also gave me a big envelope to write my address where I wanted to get my transcripts and staple my form with that envelope. ( I ordered for more than one transcripts)

It took 1 complete month to get transcripts to my home address. After that I went to KU to post to WES.

I posted my transcripts through University by going to Kurukshetra University Post office and posting the transcript to WES. Speed post charges: Rs.1392/-.


WES Reference No. ………… World Education Services Attention: Documentation Center 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 Canada

 Hope it helps!

Important Note: Now WES only accepts transcripts sent directly from the University for evaluation. So, if you have already applied, make it a point to go back to University and post from their post office.

On February 26 of the year following, I got my WES Report (soft copy) and hard copy on March 1. The whole process went smoothly (usually 35 days from the date all documents are received) but it took slightly more time than expected.

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Also, you can check my answer on quora : (Obtaining Transcripts for WES from Kurukshetra University).

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