Getting CLB 9 for Canada Express Entry

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Practice plays a major role in getting the desired scores in IELTS. But most of all, you need to be confident and positive. Sometimes you need to believe that you are a rock-star even when you have faced failures in the past which makes cultivating this feeling difficult.

Welcome to my IELTS blog post .Here, I have shared my tips and suggestions for getting the desired scores.

I got CLB9 for Canada immigration in my first attempt.🙂 I gave British Council IELTS General Paper based test on Jan 5,2019 . To be frank, I expected a lot more in Reading and Speaking and I was scared about Listening scores. I feared that I might get stuck with 34 out of 40 in listening which means CLB9 dream could have shattered.

My score: Listening :8 | Reading: 7.5 | Writing: 7 | Speaking :7

Overall band:7.5

My suggestions to all the aspirants:

1. First, Understand the exam pattern. 2. Then, I would suggest try assessing yourself by giving one mock test e.g. give one listening test at home .. see your scores. Analyse. When I did this, I realised I wasn't confident in maps and my wrong answers were mostly in between q. 25-30 meaning thereby ... I was losing focus after 24 questions. So, I practiced more at home. 👉For reading, I think reading first the questions in exam helped. For first 3 sections, fast reading or reading in between lines helps. But for last passage, you will have to read it properly(fully). 👉For writing, I just studied Cambridge 1 to 13 , Barron and also the book which British council sends after exam registration. I made an Excel sheet of all questions both letter and essay. After once covering the topics in few days, I started revising. Please watch videos for knowing how to write an essay even if you know what should be the content. 👉 Speaking: Refer to general topics,Makkar IELTS topics and most of all be confident. Try keeping a simple smile during interview. Practice before mirror,if needed.

Hope it helps. Feel free to ask anything about IELTS.

Good luck!

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