FAQs about ECA

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

1). Should i apply for ECA through WES or better to wait for results of ielts?

Ans. Start your ECA now while side by side preparing for IELTS. Applying for transcript, getting in hand and posting it from University's post office to Wes takes around half a month then your post will take around a week to reach Canada. So, start now.

2). Will transcript will be given by institute (ICAI/ICWAI/or other professional course body)/ university in stamped signed envelope?

Ans. Yes. ICAI directly posts to WES while University might ask you to post yourself. *Post it from University's post office.

3). How to proceed with the transcript,do i need tp courier it or speed post normally?

Ans. Speed post can be done. Some people say DHL or other courier services are good. But I prefer speed post from University's post office because that way, WES will get to know that sender was indeed University.

4) Which organisation provides fastest result?

Ans. The answer to the question "which one provides fastest results" is highly case dependent. In some cases it comes within short span of 20 days but they don't get the expected credential for their courses, thereby leaving candidates no option but to try different ECA organisation for better results. So, first research which organisation will give the best evaluation report for your degrees/courses/ diplomas before paying 200 CAD.

Hope it helps! All the best. 👍

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