Express entry simplified

Your step by step guide:

The step-by-step application for Express Entry:

Step 1: Take IELTS and get CLB 9 or above.

CLB 9 means getting 8777 in LRWS (listening, reading, writing and speaking). This gives an additional language points of 50–60 points.

Cost - Approx 200 CAD or 13000 INR per IELTS.

Step 2: Get your ECA done (6–8 weeks)

I started this step even before my IELTS exam i.e. during IELTS preparation

ECA is Educational Credential Assessment. It is done by multiple organisations ( and provides you the Canadian equivalent degree assessment of your country's education.

Cost - Approx 285 CAD (200 CAD Fee + 85 CAD International post for report)

Step 3: Create EE profile

Making a profile enters you in the pool of candidates, waiting for the ITA (Invitation to Apply). Make sure all the information mentioned in the profile is accurate as proof of all that information is to be provided after ITA.

Cost - 0

Step 4: Wait for the draw and then when you get lucky, you get Invitation to apply

You will get very soon if your CRS is high.

The ROI (Rounds of Invitation) happens every 3 to 4 weeks. The lowest CRS is declared which means the cut off score of the Express Entry profile and all the candidates having that score or more than that, will get ITA.

Cost - 0

Step 5: After ITA, you get 60 days to submit your documents

In those days, you need to upload all documents based on which you claimed the points, get medical done and also get police clearance certificate.

This is how I organised my documents!

After receiving ITA, the documents to be uploaded are:

  • Travel Document (Passport)

  • Digital Photograph of all applicants

  • Proof of Employment of primary applicant (Reference letter from employer with duties similar to the NOC chosen)

  • Proof of Funds of primary applicant (refer the website for POF details)

  • Proof of Medical certificate of all applicants (schedule a medical exam through authorised doctors after receiving ITA) List of authorised practitioners: (Source: Canada immigration website)

  • Proof of Education (College degrees, professional degree documents,IELTS report and WES report together in one pdf) of of all applicants

  • Police Clearance Certificate (From all countries where you have lived for 6 months or more) of all applicants

Cost varies as Medical cost, PCC fees, Notarization fees etc vary with location. Ideally, all expenses should be covered within 300–350 CAD per applicant.

Step 6: Submit documents, pay Immigration Fee and wait for the PPR (Passport Request - For stamping)

It took me 90 days approx to get PPR after submission of my profile with all documents and fees.

After submitting the documents and paying the Immigration fees, the Canadian Immigration officers verifies the documents and information provided. This generally takes 6 months depending on the application type and other related factors.

Cost - 1040 CAD per applicant

Biometrics are to be done and receipt is to be preserved. Read more:

Step 7: PPR received: Submit Passport at VFS and get Canada CoPR (Confirmation of PR) after approximately 10 days

Once the documents are verified, applicants are intimated the result of their application via e-mail. On successful processing, candidates are required to submit the passports of all the applicants for the Visa Stamping and the CoPR is mailed after paying them the courier charges or can be collected from the VFS centre.

Passport is sent by VFS Global office where you go for biometrics and cost around 30 CAD per passport. The stamped passport are returned to the designated address within 2 weeks along with 2 copies of CoPR. In my case, it came after 10 days.

Cost - Approx 30 CAD per applicant

Step 8: Move to Canada on CoPR with one time visa stamp on passport and apply for PR card at the immigration kiosk on reaching your dreamland - Canada.

Do not laminate the COPR (also referred as landing papers)

Applicants are supposed to travel to Canada within the tenure mentioned on the passport. The tenure is generally till medical proof is valid. In any case, visa will not be for more than 1 year.

Applicants need to plan their travel whether for temporary or permanent purpose to Canada within the Visa timelines and submit one copy of CoPR at the time of landing. The other copy is stamped and returned.

Submitting CoPR means that Candidates have successfully landed in Canada and this in turn initiates the PR card application.

Cost - Travel Cost of each applicant

Step 9: Receive PR card (2–3 months)

Official PR Card processing time is 45 to 60 days and the PR card will be mailed to the address (complete address is required along with postal code,if possible) given by the applicants at the time of their landing to the immigration officer .

PR Card will be delivered to the address within 45 to 60 days. PR cards are not sent outside Canada and have to be delivered in person in such scenarios.

Step 10: Enjoy being a Canadian PR now

PR card validity: 5 years. A PR card can only be applied after landing at the airport and is sent at a Canadian address. A person is supposed to live in Canada for 730 days in consecutive 5 years to remain a PR for next 5 years after the expiry.

Some Acronyms Frequently Used :

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