Details of Unstructured Learning Activities for CPE hours

A lot of members do not realize it but this simple task can save them from the trouble of being stressed about gaining CPE hours when the last date for submitting the CPE hours is approaching. If you are an associate or fellow member of ICAI, you would be receiving emails of a lot of educational webinars that can be attended online.

Through online sessions or trainings, a member can gain knowledge as well as claim CPE hours. These online webinars can qualify for Unstructured learning sessions and as a member, you can upload data for two block years. The current Block is 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2022

The website to update your CPE hours is:

Log in to your account and update the structured and unstructured learning activities that you did. For information about how many CPE hours you are required to complete, refer this link:

Just considering one category of members from of the above link:

All the members without Certificate of Practice or those residing abroad (whether holding COP or not) are required to:

  • Complete at least 45 CPE credit hours of structured/unstructured learning in each rolling three-year period

  • Complete a minimum 10 CPE credit hours of structured/unstructured learning each year

So, 10 CPE hours per year and 45 CPE in a block of 3 years for these members is the requirement.

While uploading the hours of learning, you can upload for the entire calendar year together. The link to do that is The members are supposed to submit an online Self-declaration form on or before 31st May of the following year, to avail the CPE hours credit for the ULAs or Unstructured learning sessions done in the previous calendar year.

Various types of unstructured learnings that can be updated are:

  • Web-based

Learning activities that qualify for this category are :

(1) Web-based Learning Modules

(2) Viewing of programmes hosted on the web channel of ICAI

  • Self-learning

Learning activities that qualify for this category are Self-learning Modules and Courses like: (1) Audio-tapes/video-tapes. (2) Correspondence courses. (3) Computer-based learning programmes

  • Home Study

A member can claim CPE hours for reading articles in the Journal and individual home study

  • Discussion on Technical Issues

Group or Bilateral Discussion on Technical Issues also qualify for CPE hours. I personally find this amazing how the institute appreciates one's passion for intellectual growth and advancement by allowing CPE hours.

  • Acting as Faculty

If you have acted or visited as a visiting faculty or guest faculty/ speaker at any University, Management Institutions or Institutions of National Importance, then you can claim that towards your CPE hours as well.

  • Webcast Programmes

Time invested in viewing CPE Webcast Programmes without the supervision of the POU (Programme Organising Unit i.e. Regional Offices& Branches) can also be availed for CPE hours.

  • Questionnaires/Journals

A member can get CPE hours for even providing solutions to questionnaires/puzzles available on the web or other Professional Journals. I bet a lot of Chartered Accountants are not aware of this even though the information is public to all members of ICAI.

  • Internal Training Programmes

All the members can get credit for all 'Internal Training Programmes' being organised by firms of Chartered Accountants with seven or more partners.

ICAI’s Digital Learning Hub

From the calendar year 2020 and onwards, 20% of mandatory minimum Unstructured CPE Hours, as applicable to each category of member (check the mandatory minimum here) should be completed through ICAI’s Digital Learning Hub. For the Unstructured Activities that a member undertakes through ICAI Digital Learning Hub, ULA will be updated automatically and can be checked via

So, now the numerous trainings that you did as an employee, partner or manager at a firm or company, can be claimed towards your CPE credit.

I feel that there is absolutely no room left for an excuse to say no to updating our accounting knowledge, as almost everything we learn in our careers can be made eligible for claiming CPE hours.

Just try being more organised by making an excel sheet of the seminars, courses, webinars or other knowledgeable activities that you have been part of, in order to get the credit for all those.

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