CPA Canada Experience evaluation for MOU Candidates

If you have not read my previous article regarding the CPA Canada registration process then please read it before this article.

During the student registration, there is a requirement to submit a detailed resume (or say work experience report) as well. A lot of my friends submitted their resume to the CPA registration body and got an exemption from 30 months of training.

I didn't submit then because I wanted to start registration soon and get the evaluation done later. My exams for May 2020 got postponed and now I have the time to get evaluated for this exemption. My post qualification experience does not fall under the exemption so I have been working on making my resume as comprehensive as possible on competencies while keeping clarity and conciseness in mind.

Not having post qualification experience does not mean that exemption would not be awarded rather it means a detailed evaluation of pre and post qualification experience will be done.

There are people who had articleship and a year of post-qualification experience or only articleship experience before they came to Canada but they still claimed exemption after getting evaluated for pre and post qualification experience.

I will share the steps that I have to undergo for my experience evaluation to claim exemption from training, as and when that happens.

The question now is: "Who does not need detailed experience evaluation for CPA Canada?"

Chartered Accountants with

  • 2 years of post-qualification experience and a recognised degree

  • 5 years of post-qualification experience and without any recognised University degree

are exempt from the assessment of their experience.

If a candidate falls under the respective categories stated above then simply a "detailed resume" is submitted and if the competencies are met then no detailed evaluation happens.

If the post qualification experience is less than two or five years then after resume submission, a detailed evaluation happens to check that the desired competencies are met.

To know more about the PERT tool and detailed evaluation, stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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