CA to CPA Canada- Registration process

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Wish to pursue CPA Canada after your Chartered Accountancy in India or Pakistan?

Congratulations.... you do not have to start from scratch for this designation!!

CPA Canada has an MOU with ICAI and ICAP. The MOU allows Chartered Accountants from these two Institutes to be able to directly appear for Common Final exams CFE without having to undergo the core and elective courses.

MOU candidate registers under the Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) that comprises of :

CORE EXAM, ELECTIVE COURSES, CAPSTONES and then finally CFE. 30 months of practical work experience is required to get the designation for which exemption can be claimed if you qualify.

CFE (Common Final Exam) is the last skill assessment exam before getting a CPA designation. Only experience evaluation is left after that. Remember, this experience assessment can be done while preparing for CFE i.e. before the final exam or after the exam by initiating with resume submission.

To register, a candidate has to submit the following documents (English):

1. Confirmation of degree through:

  • Letter of Good Standing (Most people go for this option) or

  • Certification of Membership with ICAI form or

  • Third-party assessment report (WES, IQAS, etc.) (Some provincial CPA bodies have started

2. Comprehensive resume with a detailed account (remember to look for competencies to be included) of all related work experience to be sent to the concerned registration email ID of the provincial CPA body (This can be sent anytime after registration).

For registration to begin, one can start with the submission of the document (e.g. good standing letter) to confirm the degree and the resume can be sent whenever the candidate plans to, during the Professional education Program (PEP).

Steps for registering as a student with CPA Canada and then CFE registration can be started even before coming to Canada.

Simply stating the steps towards CPA Canada are:

  • Student registration

  • Module registration

  • CFE Registration

Along with these stages, one has to complete the practical experience evaluation as well.

To start with student registration, you need to submit a letter of good standing and later when registrations open, pay fees for half or full year depending on the exam session you will be opting for. Registration for student registration open somewhere around December end for May CFE and in April for September CFE.