About  me and team

I try to be a better version of myself each day. I urge people to not be workaholics rather they should keep working for things they are passionate about. So, I am proud to be "Notsoworkholic" which means “not a workaholic” but a passionate believer of dreaming big and working hard towards it.

At Notsoworkholic, we’re passionate about making your journey simple through our youtube videos and courses. We will help you to build your career and provide you with one-to-one consultancy. Thanks to the support and feedback from users like you, who motivated me to come up with this initiative in the first place! Keep up to date with New Releases and what’s Coming Soon in for all the Notsoworkholics.

My decision to have a youtube channel- Notsoworkholic was to help people who were planning to make a career and life change of moving abroad. While I was making videos, I realised that people are need of one-to-one professional services which will help them make decisions faster and move forward in their lives. At Notsoworkholic platform, you will find all the help needed and if we won't be able to help, we'll definitely guide you towards the right path. From the queries, I receive every day, I realise not just people need to be aware of the process themselves but also be aware of how to do them. 


Passionate about helping people

I got my IELTS GENERAL RESULTS in Jan 2019. My score was a perfect score for my  Immigration plans. Getting CLB 9 and above would be really helpful for your CRS points. CLB 9 means getting at least following scores - Listening:8 Reading:7 Writing:7 Speaking:7. For guidance, feel free to send an email.

Who am I?
  • Founder of Notsoworkholic.

  • I love to share what I learn and experience.  

  • I love to write and like to share my thoughts through my blog. Check out my Quora page.

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  • Chartered Accountant (India)

  • Masters Holder in Accounting and Finance

  • Baccalaureate Holder from India's - one of the top colleges